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Join Horlar IT Solutions Internship program

Do you have the inner drive to work in a challenging environment like HoRLaR IT Solutions? Join Horlar IT Solutions Internship program and help see that dream becoming a reality HoRLaR IT Solution Internship Program It is a program designed to shape you into an elite web application developer. Through your training and work with top global technology companies, you'll master the professional and technical skills needed to become a technology leader, both in Nigeria and the world over. • The Program Vision is to create world class competent manpower through intensive training and mentoring, who can flourish within our organization, in other organisations and as stand-alone consultants by employing theoretical and practical assessments in a fast paced business environment. • The Web/Software Internship is designed for prospects who have an interest in Web programming, Software Programming and Front-End Interface Development. Candidates are expected to demonstrate a high level of organizational and communication skills as well as demonstrate willingness to undertake tough challenges in a fast paced business environment. As an Intern, we will have the mutual opportunity of bringing you up to the HoRLaR IT Solution standard and providing first hand mentoring and intensive on-the-job trainings that will further broaden your competence. The internship program lasts for 4 weeks only, after which we will select the best candidate(s) to join our team. This preserves our culture of Result, Intgreity service and excellence. It also ensures that every intern who do not make the final selection list would have been given adequate opportunities to be amongst the best available in the market after the internship.

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We are devoted to making every communication between businesses and their customers count. Our goal is to make mobile marketing the bedrock of any business success by developing efficient simple easy-to-use tools and resources while making such readily available.






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